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Job Title Company Location Date Posted
Agent Transit Import (Sealand Services SARL) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Chief Regional Financial Management Operations Coordinator (ADB) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Charge de Finance et de la Comptabilite (GIZ) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Conseiller Technique Appui au RIFFEAC (GIZ) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
ReceptionnisteCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Chargé de Suivi des Engagements et Risques (SGBC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Responsable Comformité (SGBC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Environmental Specialist (World Bank) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net06/02/2020
Responsable de la Pharmacie Projet (MSF) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/26/2020
Covid Program Manager (CARE) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/26/2020
Chefs Secteurs Réseau X 04 (Total Cameroon) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/26/2020
Economic Affairs Officer (UNECA) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/26/2020
Adjoint(e) Santé/Epidémiologiste (Covid-19) (CRC) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/20/2020
Assistant(e) Logisticien Urgence (CRC) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/20/2020
Mecanicien (Sealand Services Sarl) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/20/2020
Technico Commercial Plomberie (Sorepco SA) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/20/2020
Business Developper Export (Africa Food Manufacture-SA) KousseriCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/20/2020
Operational Risk Analyst (Citigroup) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/20/2020
Gender Officer (Plan International) Bamenda/ BueaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Area Manager (DRC) BueaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Head of Experimentation (UNDP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Head of Exploration (UNDP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Head of Solutions Mapping (UNDP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Technicien Agronome (Farm Industry) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/13/2020
Ambassadeurs Digitaux a YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/13/2020
Conseiller Commercial (Allianz Cameroon) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/13/2020
Responsable Programme Nutrition Santé (ACF) Yaounde, Bertoua & MarouaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/08/2020
Programme Policy Senior Associate (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/08/2020
Chief of Party (PSI) CameroonCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/08/2020
Operations Manager (Tuberculosis Ref Lab) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/08/2020
Charge IT (GIZ) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/08/2020
Finance Officer (TRAFFIC) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/06/2020
Programme Associate CBT Reconciliations (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/06/2020
Reconciliation officer CBT (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/06/2020
IT Associate (CBT Reconciliations) (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/06/2020
Expert VIH-Jeunesse (UNFPA) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/04/2020
Assistant (e) Financier (e) (UNFPA) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org05/04/2020
Principal Environmental Safeguards & Compliance Officer (ADB) Yaounde/AbujaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/04/2020
Team Assistant RDGC (AfDB) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net05/04/2020
Child Protection in Emergency Manager (Plan Int) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/27/2020
Education in Emergencies Officer (Plan Int.) Bamenda/BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/27/2020
Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (Plan Int.)Bamenda/BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/27/2020
Finance Officer(IUCN) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/24/2020
ConsultancyUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/24/2020
Regional Procurement Coordinator (AfDB) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/24/2020
Credit Risk Intermediate Analyst (Citigruop) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/24/2020
Senior Transport Specialist (World Bank) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/22/2020
District SupervisorPlan Int.) Maroua,Garoua,BertouaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/22/2020
Cadre Scientifique en Bactériologie (Centre Pasteur Cameroun) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/22/2020
Doctor with Surgical Skills (MSF) Kumba MamfeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/22/2020
Cocoa Beans Purchasing Manager (SIC CACOAS) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/22/2020
Humanitarian Affairs Officer (OCHA) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Compound Manager (WFP) Bamenda/BueaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Field Monitoring Assistant (WFP) GarouaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Logistics Assistant (WFP) BertouaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Temporal Accountant (SNV) MarouaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/17/2020
Project Coordinator ( All Fako Development Forum) BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/14/2020
Project Accounting ( All Fako Development Forum) Buea Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/14/2020
IT Support Interns ( All Fako Development Forum) BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/14/2020
COMPTABLE (Africa Food Manufacturing) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/13/2020
Chief Fire Fighter (Dangote Cement) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/13/2020
JURISTE (SCI SOTRADIC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/13/2020
Inter-Agency Coordination Off (UNHCR) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/10/2020
Country Manager, Central Africa Cluster (Work Bank) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/10/2020
Academic Internship (ExxonMobil) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/10/2020
WASH Technician (Plan International) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/10/2020
WASH Coordinator (Plan International) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/10/2020
Head of Programme (DRC) Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/10/2020
Head of Sub Office (UNHCR) BueaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/06/2020
Cluster Coordination Officer (Protection) (UNHCR) BueaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org04/06/2020
Social Worker (pLAN iNTERNATIONAL) Bamenda/ BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/06/2020
Customer Project Manager (Ericsson) Yaounde/DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/06/2020
Impex Manager- Tropical Cluster (Nestle) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net04/06/2020
Driver (World Bank) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/30/2020
Protection Officer (UNHCR) MarouaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/30/2020
Human Resources Assistant (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/30/2020
Graphic Designer (Plan International) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/30/2020
Regional Product Deployment Officer (Interpol) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/30/2020
Chargé de Recouvrement Affaires Spéciales (SGBC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/25/2020
Conseiller de Clientele Professionnel (SGBC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/25/2020
Auditeur Interne Junior (ACMS) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/25/2020
Senior Associate, Cold Chain Management (CHAI) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/25/2020
Food Security Program Manager (DRC) BueaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/25/2020
Logistics Officer (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/25/2020
Tax Manager (Dangote Cement) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/23/2020
Chief of Party (PSI) GarouaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/23/2020
Deputy Chief of Party (CRS)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/23/2020
Field Service Technician (TechnipFMC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/23/2020
National Professional Officer (FAO) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Head of Office, Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yde , Abuja, KievUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Admin and Logistic Assistant (Plan International) KumbaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/20/2020
Administrateur(trice) Régional (COOPI) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Human Rights Officer (OHCHR) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Senior Field Programmes Coordinator (OCHA)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/20/2020
Associate, Member Monitoring (Assurance) (FA) NationalCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/20/2020
Spirits Market Manager W. Africa (Diageo) Douala Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/20/2020
Finance Intern (Plan International) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/20/2020
Communications Officer, (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
Finance Technical AssistantCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/18/2020
Depot Maintenance Associate (Maersk) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/18/2020
Education Project Manager (NRC) Far NorthCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/18/2020
Logistics Assistant SC5 (WFP) DoualaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
Storekeeper (WFP) DoualaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
IT Operations Assistant (WFP) DoualaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
CP -3 ASSISTANT (IFRC) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Nutrition Specialist in charge of Surveys (UNICEF) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Budgets and Grants Officer (AWF) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/16/2020
Communications Officer,(Plan International) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
National Evaluation Consultancy (UNICEF)UN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Project Coordinator EU (Yaounde)UN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
STP Controller (GUINNESS DIAGEO)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/16/2020
Customer Project Manager (ERICSSON)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/16/2020
DriverUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Internship Information Technology (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/11/2020
Internship - Accounting (COTCO) DoaualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/11/2020
Internship - Law (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/11/2020
Internship - Human Resources (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/11/2020
Credit Risk & Recovery Assistant (UBC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/11/2020
Internship Occupational Health (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Internship Public Relations (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Internship - Operations (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Internship - Acquisition & Supply Chain (COTCO) Douala/KribiCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Internship - Maintenance (COTCO) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Programme Officer – Social Inclusion (Sight Savers) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Administrative Assistant (World Bank) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Chef(fe) de Projet ECHO - (UNICEF) YaoumdeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/09/2020
Finance Coordinator (Plan International) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Finance Assistant (Plan Int.) Bamenda, Buea, KumbaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
Administrative Coordinator (Plan International) BamendaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/09/2020
JURISTE (SCI SOTRADIC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/06/2020
Responsable de Ressources Humaines (WCS) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/06/2020
Admin-Accountant Officer (WCS) GarouaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/06/2020
Protection Data Manager(CICR) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/06/2020
Project Manager (UNOPS) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/06/2020
Regional Engagement Officer (Interpol) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/06/2020
Food Security Program Manager (DRC) BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/04/2020
Logistics Officer (WFP) BamendaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/04/2020
Project Manager L&EP (Plan International)UN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/04/2020
Programme Policy Officer (WFP)UN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/04/2020
Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping Officer (WFP) Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/04/2020
COORDINATEUR de PROTECTION (Intersos)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/04/2020
Senior Agriculture Economist/Specialist (World Bank)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/04/2020
Marine Surveyor Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/04/2020
Infirmier Diplômé D'Etat (Via FNE) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/02/2020
Directeur Retail Banking (Via FNE) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/02/2020
Humanitarian Affairs Officer (OCHA) BamendaUN Jobs www.unjobs.org03/02/2020
CONSULTANCYCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/02/2020
Manager, Africa (CSE) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/02/2020
Deputy Director (INSO) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/02/2020
Regional HR Coordinator - West Africa (IRC)Cameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net03/02/2020
CONSULTANCYUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/28/2020
CONSULTANCYUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/28/2020
operations Coordinator (IRC) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/28/2020
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (WFP) YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/28/2020
Chef de Projet et Community Builder (SGBC) DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/27/2020
Coordinateur(trice) Régional (COOPI) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/27/2020
Project Director (FHI 360) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/27/2020
Conducteur de Travaux Agricoles / Ingénieur Agronome (Via NEF/FNE) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/25/2020
Directeur de Planification (Via National Employment Fund) Bassa-DoualaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/25/2020
Data and Research AssistantCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/25/2020
National Professional Officer ( Fishery & Aquaculture value Chain) FAO -YaoundeUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/25/2020
Child Protection Manager F/M (Danish Refugee Council) BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/24/2020
Intern - Public Information (UNECA) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/24/2020
Economic Affairs Officer (UNECA) YaoundeCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/24/2020
Education Officer (UNICEF) Bamenda/BueaCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/24/2020
Finance Reporting SrCameroonjobs www.cameroonjobs.net02/24/2020
Child Protection Technical Coordinator UN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/08/2020
Business AnalystUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/08/2020
ECONOMIC AFFAIRS OFFICERUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/08/2020
HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS OFFICERUN Jobs www.unjobs.org02/08/2020

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You have landed and interview. Congratulations!!!
Now is the most important part of the recruitment and selection process from the candidates side. You have your date, time and venue for your interview. You are worried or concerned how this would go.

Remember that, the more prepared you are, the more the chances of landing that JOB You have taken into account the Interview Tips we have provided but feel you might need something extra. So do we. Its time to book an Interview Simulation
Whilst this is not a panacea or a guarantee for you landing the job, it does give you afford you the opportunity of getting yourself and mind in the best state of preparedness.

An interview simulation would give you the confidence and self assurance needed to perform at the interview thereby increasing your chances of landing that JOB

Here are some basic pointers but to fully benefit from this exercise, please book a Simulation Exercise with us by calling - or request an Interview Simulation by quoting Job Ref and send your request to via our contact form.
Interviews no matter how they are structured have two main components
1-The basic Interview Topics -
a)- to talk about yourself
b)-Your skills such as being analytical
c)-Why you want the job
d)-Talk about your past experiences such as in school
e)- What your wage expectations are likely to be

With an ever growing army of graduates from Universities and other professional institutions couple with the limited amount of job opportunities, an interview offers a unique chance to nail that first job and begin a career in your chosen field Many job seekers fail to secure an offers due to a variety of reasons. A common one being their performances at job interviews.

It is important for candidates to put their best foot forward when it comes to interviews as decision on hiring are usually taken following these exercises.

Interviews can take many format such as, Face to Face, Assessment Centers or even simulation and tests. The interview process would therefore involve, the interviewer (usually the employer or recruiter) assesses the interviewee (potential employee) on the suitability to do a job or otherwise.

Here are 5 winning tips for a Job Interview:

A job interview has much to do with perception, make a great impression as you don't need a second chance to make a first good impression. As soon as you get into the interview room, be composed and self assured with a bright and positive disposition. This makes a great impression as fast and deep as you can and leave in a blaze of glory. A Job interview is more of a game of perception than competence sometimes, the candidate who possesses all the skills and qualities employers look out for but who also gives the interviewer a poor impression of himself may not get the job. Recruiters always remember candidates that made the best impressions
Be professionally,appropriately dressed for your interview. Appearing professional is very important as you need to dress the part . The way you dress for an interview tells a potential employer whether you take the job seriously or not. There is nothing as 'business casual' for interviews sneakers, sandals, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans, too brightly colored tops or skimpy skirts don't make good interview attire.

Don't go for a job interview unprepared:
While your CV opens the door for an interview, your performance at the interview gets you the job, so be prepared. Be assertive and clear. Never have prepared or cliched answers from books you have read, speak from your heart. A good interviewer knows the difference. Include in your preparation a research of the company and the role as well. Always go in prepared!
Appear confident. Calm down your nerves as they can get the better of you and spoil your performance it's alright to be nervous in a job interview, you are about helping interviewers make a big decision, a good reason to be nervous but make sure your nervousness is not visible to the interviewer. Conquer your fear and avoid looking timid . Make eye contact, give a firm hand-shake and remember to be conscientious (show good manners). Of course, appearing confident is easiest when you know your brief and be confident as you are well prepared.

Make your interview a Win-win and not Win-lose exercise This process is about the employer getting to know you as much as you knowing them. Ask intelligent questions from the interviewer. The same way the potential employer is trying to know your suitability as an employee, you the job seeker should also do same can you work with this employer?

These tips in themselves are only as a guide towards having a successful interview. We hope you will find them useful and Good Luck


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